"/" in command line?

guys,how can i put “/” in the exercises of command line?

Im not sure what you mean by “/” but if you want to browse through directories you can just do

cd dir

where dir is where you want to go… Also if you want to go back one you can just do…

cd ../previousDir

Im not sure this was what you wanted, but i hope this is usefull…

no,in the exercise 5 of command line,how can i put “cd jan/memory/”?

Just type in the terminal

cd 2015/jan/memory/

Basically going through the 2015 directory then january directory, then the memory of jan

i can’t type “/”!
this is the problem

What is stopping you? Finding the key? Nothing showing up? If nothing shows up, do other keys show up? Can you type it in other applications?
See how that information is required to figure out what’s wrong? You have do describe the problem a little more if others are to know the same things that you know about it.
Your OS has a clipboard feature that you can use to copy text with if nothing else.
There is probably also some on-screen keyboard that you can use.

i’m using windows,not OS

Lol you cant type “/”?? Thats litterarly after the > sign… Just do Ctrl + the question mark key…

Os Btw is a Operating System. And Yes, Windows is an Operating System…

OS is short for Operative System. Windows has copy and paste as well, and on-screen keyboard. What about the rest of my questions?

I’ve never had anyone report that they couldn’t type / before, but if you want to try the alt + code method here: My keyboard does not allow me to type a character used in a Codecademy lesson. What should I do? then the code for / is 47.

how does he not know where the / is if he wrote it in his question? :smiley:

It isn’t a matter of not knowing where the key is, it is a matter of the key not working in the terminal. At least that is one scenario – we’ll have to wait until we hear back to be sure.

Oh, OK! Sorry I didn’t understand. Thanks for clarifying though!

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Hello, im having the same problem. Already tryed copy and paste, a different browser, alt + 47, but it doesnt work at all. So, any clues of what i should do now?

I don’t have any further clues but I am interested in what sort of computer/OS you are using that is displaying this behaviour.

what is the use of / in command?
sometimes in the instructions they say jan/media/ and refer as media…i mean can we use cd jan/media instead of cd jan/media/?

Yes you can.

You will find that if you use the tab key to auto-complete your directory names that it will put the / in for you.

lo escribo y me tira error

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