Improving Chapter Search capability

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As I slowly work my way through some of the courses, I realized that virtual chapters could be very useful, both during the pandemic and after. What I also discovered is that they search capabilities are largely focused on geographic location (City). While you can filter for a narrow selection of topics (e.g., Computer Science), there is no way to search for Android development, for instance.

Thinking about this, there are a couple of things that could make it easier to find a relevant chapterD:

  1. Ability to search by topic of event/chapter
  2. Simple fix: add additional filters, such as “Mobile Development” or “Cyber” (maybe there was a Cyber filter, I don’t recall)
  3. Add a filter for searching for virtual chapters – I would assume that some Chapters, especially ones focused on specific topics, might be only virtual.

Of these, having a better search capability is the most critical, especially as Chapters grow.

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I think the Codecademy Discord server solves that problem and many others. Have you tried asking people there?

Yup I have, and no it doesn’t.

I do agree that this would be a cool addition, but to work around that just ask people in the forums. I don’t use chapters, so I can’t really help out with finding what you are looking for.

Hi there!

Chapters are not bound to a single topic, or even a single field. That’s why you can’t search by something like “Android development” for a chapter, but you can narrow event results down by some broad topics. We are always taking feedback from our learners, so I bet we will have more tags in the future based on how Chapter Leaders host their events!

Like you noted, you can use the “Filter By” bubbles above the list of events to find events related to those categories, but this list is not comprehensive. Sorry about that.


Right, but I can’t even search for events using keywords, which is frustrating. With so much virtual, there is good opportunity for events / speakers to be recorded and then available for others to view later.

Maybe all of this is an edge case, but I work in a large company and realize how so much information and knowledge gets lost and reinvented.

Right now it’s manageable, but if there is significant growth, it could be an issue.

Sorry, professional hazard – I’m IT Infrastructure Library trained. :wink: Always looking for the next value, the next improvement.

I do love what you do and how responsive Codecademy is.

Thanks for the response!


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