Improve our codingskills via reposts via the psets solutions. #java #Sharingiscarring

Psets, for a CS course.
Looking foreword to get unstuck to read your source code.

  1. Create a public method that has the following text as input: “64”. This one
    Method should convert the text to numerical format. Then calculate
    The root, return the result and show it on the screen.

Create a string with the following text: “the cat that scratches the curls of the staircase”.
Then filter all letters ‘a’. Show the result on the screen

Create a method with the input parameters ‘start’ (with value 1) and ‘end’ (with
Value 100). Calculate in a While loop (With start start parameter and
Parameter ‘end’ as the final value) the sum of the indexes you go through. High
With the 2-digit index each time. Return the sum as shown on the screen.

Create a string with the following text: “Keep coding, stay happy”.
Run this text and create an element in an ArrayList for each ‘s’. Give
This ArrayList participates in a method as input and counts the number of elements in the
ArrayList. Return this number and show it on the screen.

Create a method that has the string “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15” as input.
In the 2 Arrays method, type 1 for the even numbers and 1 for the odd digits
Out of the string. So fill these arrays with the correct numbers from the string.

Is this a homework assignment? If we help you, it could mean a fail if your teacher finds this page.

Good thinking but it’s not the case. The solo goal is to learn via other code examples.
the psets from @mtf

That’s good. Hopefully someone with strengths in Java will pick up on this topic. Please check your questions. They are a little bit hard to understand as the grammar is off and some text seems to be missing.

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