Impressing Colleges

Hello, I was wondering if learning more programming languages would impress college admissions. I have already learned HTML&CSS and am currently learning JavaScript. I plan on learning Java and C++ before I graduate High School. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how admissions processes are in your city or country but just learning the languages is one thing and putting to practical use is another. perhaps you should create some projects to light up your resume(if you have to hand it in)


I plan on going to a university/college in NYC so I guess ill take your advice and learn Java soon and work on an online project. Do you recommend me finishing JavaScript or moving straight to Java?

Hey Ssad0763,

I agree with @rydan. Learn one (maybe two) languages you like, and make stuff with them. Knowing how to say “Hello, World!” in twenty languages isn’t that impressive; building one good project is.
That’s my opinion :slight_smile:


Thank You :slightly_smiling: I guess ill begin searching for a nice project to start on.

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