Impossible to Open the Baseball Database ("Off Platform Project: The Best Of Baseball Awards")

Hello! I have trouble with Off Platform Project: The Best Of Baseball Awards now.

The trouble is that I cannot load baseball_database.sql via Postbird. I use postgreSQL 13.
I opened baseball_database.sql, and ran Postbird. In order to connect to my database, I typed “localhost” in Host, “5432” in Port, “postgres” in Username, and “postgres” in Password (I set up my database following this page (Installing and Using PostgreSQL Locally)). After doing this, I connected to my database. I created new database named “baseball”. I clicked “Import .sql file” below “File” tab, and clicked baseball_database.sql. Then, a window named “Import Options” opened, set the “baseball” database, and clicked “Import File” button. However, an error message described below opened, and I cannot open the baseball database!

Select database ‘baseball’
psql: authentication method 10 not supported

I searched how to solve this message in Codecademy Forums and Google. I found one solution, but I cannot understand what this solution means.
To summarize up, in order to load baseball_database.sql via Postbird, what will I do?

I am not an English native (Japanese speaker), so it might be difficult to read my English. If you know an answer, I would appreciate if you could help me. Thank you.


Hi @lloyz23, welcome to the Forums!

Are you using Windows or OS?
It sounds like you’re having an authentication issue but it seems you’re using the latest version of postgresql.

Would this post help? (scroll down to the 10/12 post from Dav):

Perhaps someone else can chime in here and help. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment!

I tried to conduct the solution described in 10/19 post from Dav, and I succeeded to load the baseball database!

However, in order to conduct this solution, I needed to set PATH. How to set PATH is described in this website. Moreover, I registered postgres as username ‘postgres’, so I typed the code described below in a command line (this code is written in 10/29 post from Dav).
psql -U <username> -d <your-baseball-database-name> -f baseball_database.sql

By doing so, I can load the baseball database! Thank you for sharing the solution!


So glad that you fixed it! :partying_face:

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Hi, I completely new to learning SQL / Databases, etc. - so am sure I’m about to ask a very silly question (sorry)!

When I try to import ‘baseball_database’ from the provided zip into Post Bird, I get the following werror:

Select database ‘Baseball3’
psql: authentication method 10 not supported

Any suggestions?



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Welcome to the forums.

Scroll up in this thread…there’s a solution there.

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Thanks a lot!! It helped me a lot to continue with my learning! :smiley: