Impossible to learn with the permanent bug! HELP



Please post your code so we can read and test it. I've run this lesson with no issues.


I know what's wrong. I know EXACTLY what's wrong. It has nothing to do with what code you use. It's about how the preview is always updating to display your code, even when it's wrong, so it's impossible to avoid infinite loops without using cunning copy paste trickery.


If we introduce a deliberate mistake that will throw a Parse Error, we can write our code in our own time, without any trickery. Then just remove the error to run the code.



I was having the same issue and realized I was writing
for ($i = 10; $i <=100; $i +10)
which was creating an infinite loop because the variable $i isn't actually increasing on each loop. It should be $i = $i + 10. This might help someone.


This is what I have:
for ($i = 0 ; $i < 101 ; $i = $i + 10){
echo $i;


But, for no reason, it saved a wrong for loop, without the $i = $i +10 and it always crashes.. impossible to get over this lesson... boring..


What's wrong about this??

for($i = 10 ; $i <= 100 ; $i = $i + 10){
echo $i;

I figured out that the space between the numbers and the semi-colon is not accepted...


So here is my code:
// Write your for loop below!
for ($i = 10; $i < 101; $i = $i +10) {
echo $i;
When I click full-screen on the preview window, I get the correct output, but the small window just has a spinning indicator. When I go back and click "submit code", the submit button just turns into a turning gear and nothing else happens. I've tried reloading the page and quickly copying in my code, but I still get the message:



We've been saying all along to disable the parser. This is another way, but it amounts to the same thing.


I have a similiar issue with all the lessons in the PHP Tutorial so far. Regardless of whether I have the code correct for CodeAcademy or takes forever to process after clicking Submit, if it does at all.


There's a giant problem with this. With ALL of this. You know what happens every time I take one of the helpful suggestions? The code doesn't get replaced in time. Everything I need to get rid of is "grayed out" and can't be modified until it's way too late. I know it works for some people, but I'm certain that nothing on my end will work until the Codecademy team make some serious changes to their PHP editor.

All I'm saying is, if I were to successfully replace all the code I have in my editor with something that works, I would have to have godlike hummingbird reflexes. Because the window of time I have between the text becoming available and the project crashing is a tenth of a second!


Exact same problem. It is impossible for me to finish this exercise since the browser has saved the incorrect (unfinished) code which auto-runs and reproduces the infinite loop every time I refresh. It is impossible for me to correct the code fast enough to prevent this error. If we could somehow toggle the php interpreter on/off we could prevent this.


Refresh the code, then press "reset".

You'll have to comment out all your code in the for loop and then after it's all written, take out all of the comments as quick as possible. If you do that correctly then it will have no problem and you'll be able to run the code successfully


Pressing reset removes the code on the current page, after the infinite loop has already been run. After refreshing, the incorrect code that was removed is back and executes again instantly. The reset button is even greyed out so it is impossible to hit it before the faulty code is executed.

Edit: it looks like you can break out of the infinite cycle by pressing 'Full Screen'. I'm back on course now.