Important Changes to Codecademy Courses


You might be interested in reading about some upcoming changes. There is some good news and some bad news here but I think that the former far outweighs the latter.

My processing stop at 93% but iam done vry thing 100% in html basic2


Judy new courses good news :slight_smile:

Really excited hope you all are!
Be sure to read the article for details and dates :green_heart:


Truly, the good outweighs the bad (removal of progress tracking).

I'm eager to see how different Learn Python will be from Python. Kudos to the team.


Thanks. I'm excited for an updated Python. I do wonder how Learn Python will be different from Python as well.


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Definitely interested in seeing what new things would have been added to the "Python" course.

What would the difference between "Learn Python" and "Python" be?

Thanks for this post (btw) or else I would have never seen the change coming.


Just curious, I saw a forum topic that had the "secret courses of Codecademy". I believe they were old versions or past courses that were not used anymore but could still be accessed. Will the old Python or old JavaScript for example still be accessible or will they just go poof?


I hope they get added to


Looking forward to the new Python course. The blog post doesn't list a date for a new PHP course... does that mean the current PHP course will be removed and no new one will be added?


Most likely.


I wouldn't count on that.

If anyone has been thinking about doing any of those old courses, but haven't found the time, I would suggest bumping them up on your priority list. There is no guarantee on how long they will remain available.


Same announcement, different words:



If you guys would like a fun way to look at the countdown here ya go :smiley:


Hi all,

I'm also excited for the new courses but is anyone else finding that they haven't got enough time to finish the old ones first, so as not to lose their progress? I am frantically trying to finish Python this week and really struggling to do it in the time. Last week I was on around 30% and have made it to 60% by working pretty solidly since then but my brain is getting a bit fried trying to do it quickly and not really having the time to test things thoroughly and understand them. I've been taking notes as I go in case I need to refer back and I'm worried that if I just give up on this now and start the new one I will have wasted loads of time as the format / structure / flow of the new course could be totally different.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for new improved courses, but just would really like the time to finish the old and then give the new one a try. Is there any way the old course and new can both run alongside each other just for a month or so to help people still on the old course to transfer over?



Will there be any guarantees that the older, unsupported content will remain?


@seanan I believe Codecademy is planning on removing the older courses, so no.


Hey Zeke, I see you got your account back!

Does that include the stuff from 4-6 years ago, or do you have no idea?
It would be a shame as they are rich in material, and I still enjoy doing them. A big nostalgia trip!


So If I'm learning Python right now and I haven't finished the course, SO on September the 26th I won't be able to continue learning Python and I'll have to learn Python next year? I started a coding course at school for Python and codecademy would have been great for this :frowning: