Import the code to a wallpaper


Hey guys ,
after finishing the course , I was wondering how can i import the code ( with the rotating bubbles ) and make it my wall paper for example .

This leads me to another question - is it possible to have a moving wallpaper on my desktop ?

Thanks !

When i animated my name is it possible to set it as my background if yes where?

Animate your name uses html + css + js, which are programming language for the web.

So, no, you can't use this for your desktop background. Well, maybe it possible to have a moving wallpaper, but this question is OS related, and those details are not included. I would start by searching google and github, to see if someone already wrote it and if the OS supports it. And then where needed, modify the code


I see .

Thanks for the fast answer !
Unfortunately , I do not know what OS means in this context ..
and dont we have alot of converting softwares that can translate html+css+js to any other file that we want ?


OS - Operating Stystem

You could google, I don't know of any


OS means generally one thing when we are talking programming, it stands for operating system

I wouldn't use a conversion tool for this, that will be slow. Besides, there already tools like DeskScapes, this won't work with mouse, but still. You can also use GIF as background

@zainabrawat, i was just typing an answer


Ok ,
got it !

Thanks !


If you could use a webpage as your wallpaper ... is that possible? ... then it might work to get bubbles running on a local .html page and use that for your wallpaper.


Could use a webpage as wallpaper? I doubt it


It just seemed like something that someone with time on their hands might have looked at. :slightly_smiling:

Okay, well maybe a long time ago they might have tried it. Likely not valid today.

NOTE: The information in this article applies to Internet Explorer 5 users only if the Windows Desktop Update component is installed. This component is installed with Windows 98 or can be installed with Internet Explorer 4.