Import table from CSV file into DB Browser

I can’t seem to import table from CSV file into DB Browser? The selection is grey-ed out.

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In order to import a table from the CSV file, you first need to create a new database.


Thanks! What’s next? It’s asking me to create that database, but there are about 4 million rows in that CSV file from this project.

Oh, I guess that you can simply select Cancel and import the table from the file as you intended in the first place.

I canceled out of that box and imported the table from the CSV file. This time the selection was available and worked :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Would it be right to suspect my query not working because the columns aren’t labeled? The column labels seem to be in the first row (see below):

And if that is the case: I can’t seem to edit the column labels where it says “field1, field2, etc.”

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Yes, that is correct.

The fastest way to solve this is to import the table again, this time please select option Columns names in first line in the Import CSV file window. Checking this option will make SQLite treat the first row of the file as labels of the columns.