Implicit or explicit grid?

Hi, I am confused by the the answer of the link’s quiz. With four boxes in the rule set, why is the fifth box still be in one of the explicitly defined columns? Thought that from what I’ve learned in before lesson, the answer should go with the value of grid-auto-columns. Need someone to help me out! Thank you!

Hi Chih (@4549416579)

This question has been nicely explained by Tod (@midlindner)


Just got beaten by @zainabrawat, but I was already working on an explanation.

As you can see in the image, since a template was made to determine the grid for the first 4 boxes, the 5th box is placed under it, and since the width of a column has already be defined in the template it will inherit that width.


Really appreciate both of your help !
It is my first time to ask questions on here and I’m so glad to get such good explanations.:grin:


You are very welcome :wink:

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