Implementation of Python for software development

I am about to complete the Python course, can anyone please suggest me some ideas, like what can I make or what type of software can I make. I found the chatbot course, but Python can do a lot more, than just this.
(Thanks for helping me in advance :blush:)

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I am not that far, but maybe you can find some open source projects based on python. They usually have lists of open issues, or maybe you have a feature idea that you can implement there.

Okay thanks, but if you can fetch me some software ideas then it would be great help.

I did the Django pathway on here and used Django to build a simple web app that uses basic CRUD functionalities to make a staff database.
Enter new staff, edit staff, delete staff and search functionality.
Hope you find something you enjoy :smiley:

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Thanks, I will try it! :grinning:

I am doing a bug tracker. I think it is a great way to show some skills in a portfolio while I can also use it myself for future projects. I try to follow a โ€œrealisticโ€ project, so first I define user-requirements and try to use agile principles (stories, epics, sprints) to plan this project.

Parallel I document the process so that in an interview I can show what I did and how I did it