Img tag "self closing"? mistake in instructions

In step 8’s hint of the Fashion Blog project, it says that the image tag is self closing and shows a slash /> at the end. But I’ve never noticed that slash anywhere to close an img tag, even for example in the source code for this forum page? Is it optional? (or perhaps it’s not needed if the image is a link?)


This is a very good remark from your side :wink: .

Image tags in HTML do not require a closing with a / because the element does not have content. Whereas a div does <div> content </div>.

Everything including the source has been described using attributes. However, in XHTML the image tag does need the / before closing…

I noticed the instructions/hints for the course does show a / for closing. I will locate this thread under bug report and see what the codecademy staff has to say about this.