Img src problem: won't display image

no matter what I do I can’t get my image to display, be advised very new to coding

Can you post what you’ve already tried so we know what’s going on? This way we can get you help a little more quickly, otherwise we’re throwing a dart in the dark trying to solve your issue.

Yah Sure,

I intially just copied the url like this:

<img src="">

I have also tried putting the jpg name and the amazonews thing that codeacademy usually wants you to use.

Sorry if I am a little unclear I started coding about 3 hours ago so I know absolutely nothing.

Oh, and I tried renaming the jpg a few times and putting it in a image file and refrencing that name as well. At this point I am just trying what comes to mind.

You could also just copy-paste your code into a reply.

<Replace this with your code>

You can copy-paste this into your reply, and then copy-paste your code into the “<replace this with your code>”. That way all of your code will show up like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

And so on, otherwise it won’t show up in your reply.

You need to right click, and copy the image location:

Seems the url you use isn’t correct