Img src error

Hi all

Trying to add a src for to display image on VSC and when I am trying to type in the path nothing comes up to select when typing the ./ or …/

Very annoying as I have completed said project with multiple photos already in the project, I have been away for a few days come back and it now seems it doesn’t wish to work despite the very same process working on a separate project.

What is it I seem to be missing if anything?


where is the code? so we can help.

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Just figured the code isn’t the issue as when typing out the relevant path it displays on the site as needed.

My question would be why has my VSC stopped displaying the drop down menu, only for this project when searching for images despite it being the correct path?

Try to change the path of the project to the same drive where your vsc installed.

also please make sure that your vsc is up to date.