IMG Problem

Alright. I’m making a Doombuilder tutorial website and I want to have the doombuilder icon on it. Here’s my code:


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Doombuilder Icon"/></a>


What’s wrong with this? I’m doing this in JSFiddle and it isn’t showing up in the preview box. Need help immediately.

Maybe they do not like you to download images from a TWITTER server…??
Maybe your HTML code is such, that the image is off-screen, or invisible…
as the code as presented here seems to function…

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I would agree with Leon that it would be wiser to use an API to draw images from Twitter so it pulls from their cloud servers intended for this use. Hotlinking to image URL’s is a frowned upon practice.

If all you are scraping is a static image for window dressing, then Save Image As and put it on your own server (assuiming you can). Use at your own peril unless Fair Use applies, such as a link back to a Twitter post, or something related that justifies you using that image.


Thank you so much. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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