Img lesson


Where did I do wrong in this lesson ? They noticed opps , try again

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>This is the title</title>
		<img src="" /><br>


        <img src=" "/>


@codeblaster30825 What was the instructions for the lesson?


It's from lesson 11 of basic HTML


What is the instructions and what error msg you getting?


Well it said "Oops, try again."


and what was the instructions ?


Add a second image below the first one. (Make sure it's before the closing tag!)

If you can't think of a good picture, use this ninja:

Firstly , I used an another img on google link , then I used the link as the suggestion , but it wasn't change , I search this on Q&A , someone said refresh the webpage , I did but the same notice appears , I"m stack now :frowning:


sometimes these things act funny.. replace one link with this one then try:


Thanks for your help , Maybe I'll skip this lesson ,


try this it worked for me
<img src="" />
<img src="" />


Wow it worked :frowning: Thank you very much , I still don't know why i"m wrong ^^


@codeblaster30825 nothing you did wrong system acts funny sometimes


No, this exercise wants you to use xml syntax, which means you need to close your image with /> and there should be a space before />:

<img src="" />

note the space between .jpg" and />, it is nasty, i was looking into it if i could improve the error message



@codeblaster30825 did have the space the first time though it didn't work... see his first msg


yes, he did. But the space in his second image was between .jpg and "/> not between .jpg" and />


Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling:


Just started the Learn HTML/CSS : 1 course, got all the way to lesson 8 (img element) and then ran into what seemed to be a problem. But thanks to your wonderful people, I was able to figure it out. Thank you all so much!!!

The instructions were:

1.In index.html, below the ordered list, add an image. Use the following as the image URL:

I had typed: the right URL but I had forgotten the end parenthesis (.jpg" />) after my URL.

It's all in the details!
Live long and code well!