this image “a.jpg” is in my PC. i copied the path of the picture inside img’s src… but still the picture doesn’t appear in the display screen. ?? please help me with this… thank you.

<img src="T:\html\a.jpg">

Be glad that doesn’t work, if it did, you would have a huge security problem.

Images you want to use in codecademy exercises needs to be accessible by internet, i suggest you upload the image, and then copy the image location, and use that in the exercise

ok thank you… :slight_smile:
that means nothing wrong with my code.??

well, no, nothing is wrong, but if this is exercise 11/14 of html basic, you are going to need xml syntax which means you need something like this:

<img src="image.jpg" />

i put a image.jpg in as placeholder, note the slash and the space between .jpg" and />

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