Images on Github help

Hi! I have been having this problem and I cannot seem to find the right answer. I am still very new and trying to understand how GitHub works.

Why do my images not show up on my page?

Now the HTML looks crazy because I have tried so many options. I uploaded the images, but maybe I did that wrong? I tried using the path and the permalink but neither worked.

Thank you!!

For the img src you’re writing, I think you can just write /whatever_folder_your_image_is_in/run-banner.jpg.
As a test, take it to the same folder as your index and leave it at "/run-banner.jpg".

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Thank you, but how do I make a folder? When I click New file, I know to hit / after, so I type Images/ but then it wants another line after that. I am clearly missing something.

It can be a little tricky and finicky.

I would look up a video if written instructions are too vague: Creating folders and uploading files on github - YouTube

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Thank you! That is helpful!

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