Images not showing on website


I have messed around with this for hours and can't seem to fix my images. Maybe someone has the magic cure out there.

Here is my code

<h1><img src="aandgccfolder/aandgcclogo.png" height="310"></h1>


Question: Why have you put your image in a set of heading tags?
Also, are you sure you're pointing to the right image, down the right path in your src? If your image is directly in the same folder, you can cut off the aanddccfolder/ part and just have aandgcclogo.png


I have dude in JS ,help me :frowning:


If you need help with Javascript, please create a new thread in the Javascript category.


This is a thread?,im a new


A thread is a topic - a 'Question'


THANK YOU jibblyj for your response. Now everything is working. TEN POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!!!


Yay! Ten points for Gryffindor!

Take that, Slytherin!