Images not appearing?

I have my codes correctly placed and formatted into the program (proof is because it says i have done the task properly) but i noticed that my images are just showing up as a filler image. am i doing something wrong?

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Can i see your code?

<!DOCTYPE html>
Quality Clean
<img src=",d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNGNG9afpIwuRQ_xsuwbPfaWOpmVhA&ust=1450048465979321.jpg" />
Quality Clean
Cleaning is our passion.
Established in 2015
<p> <b> <i> <h6>
Owner: Coleman Pilkington
</h6> </i> </b> </p>
Contact me at (123)456-7890

The image you included in not a direct link, but a google dynamic image cache. Try and find the direct link.

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check if it a jpg i did the same thing i didnt have a jpg

Did you figure it out? You either need to right click the image and select copy image location (source) or click view image. This will give you the url which ends at .jpg

try to size and formatte jpg