Images in HTML


I cant get the image to show and It needs to be able to have a link when clicked on.
Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


i am slightly confused by this code. your link contains a image url and your image contains a site url? that doesn't make any sense. i would reverse that.

Also, you only have one image (with link) you are still missing a second image without a link.

If you wish i help more specific, please post your code (not in the form of a image), so i can copy and paste pieces of your code to give instructions


The link on line 8 contains the link to a picture file, is that supposed to be the image? If so, you need to change that. To make an image into a clickable link, you need to put a tags around it, like so:
<a href="">
<img src="google.jpg" />


that is what confuses me about this code, on line 8 there is a link but it doesn't contain text and or a image inside the link tags. so you can't click the link.

the link on line 10 contains a image url and between there link tag there is a image, but the image source is a website url. Which is superconfusing.

@microcoder92068, when the exercise ask you to link a image, this means your image (<img> should be wrapped with link tags (<a></a>), the src of the image should be a image url (so ends with .jpg or any other image file type), and your link hyperlink reference (href) should either contain a url to a website or image, depending on what result you want to achieve


<a> is the hyperlink and <img> contains the source of your image. You are placing img src in your href

<a href = "" target="_blank">
       <img src=""


Thanks everyone;) ALL done now


I'm happy to help. :smile: