Images and Links1 - In-completing


Dear Codecademy Community

I know am new here and only allowed one inserted image (screenshot) per post, so let me mention that in the beginning of the changes I made in line 7 ( instead of

The link is working, as when I click on the expected image and I am producing a new browser page;

I think I will have to reply to myself to add the next image, for you to understand what I have done.

I cannot see where I went wrong after passing the test before being sent out on my own.


It's easier for people to help if they can copy/paste your code, something that they can not do working from a screenshot.

:green_heart: How to post code in this forum.


Thank You albionsrefguge :blush:


This Image/Link I am trying to create is the second change. (Same as screenshot)

My code:


Do I have to be a little more than a newbe for my code to show?


I just got that message that I can only insert one image, which I changed to just the code, which has now left an empty space.


I have been trying to use codecademy logo


This is the code address:


The other image:


The main image code


Image 2

    <a href=""> <img src="" /> </a>

 <img src="" />

don't forget to add in the link with just text..

In the image above I saw that when you put a link you missed a double quote at the end of the link.. remember the link for both image and hyper link needs to be between ""

Please don't use that link it has many special characters which is messing up with your code use a simple one like above..