Image unable to upload Dasmoto Project

Hello, completed Dasmoto’s arts and crafts project, but there is a problem with the first image. It is unable to upload only the first one,any idea about that?


Hello ,

Could you post your code for the image as this will give more information as to why the error is happening.

Are you sure that the file path for that image is correct?

Hello , here you can find the code

@stergiosbalodimos I copied to code to my editor and ran it without a css file and it worked. Either you have something in the css stopping the image from loading or it just wass an error of the time.

Hi dolOs,
Since yesterday it happens the same to me, the image now opens adding the CSS file.
Probably an error of the time,
Any other idea to face such problems in future??

I assume the error was to do where the image washosted on. If running the project outside of codecademy (git hub etc) then I reccomend downloading the file and saving it to the same folder as where the project is running from and therefore the file will be availible at all time.

I used the link codecademy provided us , but it seems a little weird because all the other pictures were opening.
Any suggestions to where is the best place to get unique images when creating a website?