Image Manipulation Project

Any thoughts as to why the browser doesn’t wanna load the “negative_apple”? It works fine for the “trimmed_apple”. There is nothing wrong with the negative mehtod (i’ve tried it in IntellJ and saved an image to my computer). What am I missing here?

hi @vireo100

Although my suggestion may not be the best but you can consider doing so, which is to reset your learning exercise. Before it, you can copy and store the current codes else where, and restore it after.

At times, Codecademy’s interpreter may be buggy as it may fail to compile. Hence resetting the environment helps.

Hi @estforesta

That was one of the first things I tried. Didn’t help unfortunatly. I swear it’s a stupid mistake on my part but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

If you don’t mind, could you paste the function codes of negativeColor in here?

I don’t have access to it due to the lack of pro membership.

I honestly don’t believe the problem is in this function…it does whats it’s meant to…at least when I run it in IntelliJ on my computer :slight_smile:

hahaha that negative picture of yours. Don’t worry man, it’ll get settled one day, just a matter of when.

I think your function looks totally fine. But I’m curious about line#2 of the function… Could you help me to understand?

// Is the imageTwo[] array some sort of global variable?
int[][] negativeImage = new int[imageTwoD.length][imageTwo[0].length];