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hello! could you elaborate on your question further? I want to answer but I'm confused


I am trying add images with this link but it's not showing up.I was asked to add image source in the paragraph element but not working.Hope this help you understand my question.


Don't know what errors I am making.


Here is the complete code where I am being stuck.

!DOCTYPE html>

Ollie Bike Sharing

Ollie Bike sharing

share your pedals with the world

Need a set of wheels while you're in town?Use Ollie to pair your perfect vaction with a stylish, affordable bike rental.
Here is a list of cities where you can find us."


Well... The link seems to be broken. Try using another one


hi ! i also have this problem, and the link before doesnt work for me, what can i do?


For now it's probably best to just use another link and click Report a Bug to let Codecademy know about it.


I was having the same problem. The image didn't appear until I closed the url w/ a complete closing tag , even though the instructions say it's not necessary.



it dosent let me proceed asking me if i've used the seccond link and i have but even with a diferent link it wont let me


I'm having the same problem, has anyone had any luck with other links? I'd really like to move on to the next part of the lesson?


Hi, just remove the closing tag and the image will appear :slight_smile:


I'm having the same issue. I tried removing the closing tag and unfortunately the image is still not displaying.


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