I'm very clueless

Hello. I’m in highschool and hoping to learn about robotics and programming. I came to Codecademy to learn about the code used for robots, but I really don’t know which one it is. I looked it up, and google (I know, probably not the best) said that “C” or “C++” was used most commonly in robotics. But there’s “C++”, “C#”, and no just “C”? I’m confused, and don’t know the difference. Are these even the best codes used for robots? For reference, in my school’s STEM class, they use the lego robots for their program, and I wanna learn the coding they learn in that class to prepare for it.

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Allow me to correct you here, a search engine is actually quite often a programmers greatest friend. If you stick with programming you may quickly lose track of the number of times a quick search helps you.

These two languages are indeed used quiet often in robotics, Arduino for example uses a form of C as its language, and the uses of C and C++ are widely spread through many other robotics.

C++ is actually a super set of C and as such you can learn much about C by taking the C++ course. There is also much online documentation for these two languages so you can easily find other material to boost your studies.

C# on the other hand, I have not used much. To my knowledge it is not as connected to the robotics field, and is used more for graphics and game design, such as control of the Unity game engine.

The only LEGO robotics platforms I am familiar with are Mindstorm, which has been used to create a wide variety of robot designs, including a robot that once held the record for fastest rubix cube solved:

and the easier to use Boost system (on which I have little experience or knowledge). Both of these use a drag and drop interface instead of typing out instructions. Those who are more advanced in the use of Mindstorm have built their own operating systems for both the NXT and the EV3 blocks, expanding their abilities. I believe that its OS is written in C.

It may be best to ask your teacher exactly what they are learning, but if it is Mindstorm on the higher level (using drag and drop) than unfortunately Codecademy does not offer the courses you need. I believe most of the documentation for this is built in to the software which comes with a Mindstorm distribution, though you can most likely find the bits and pieces online.