I'm trying to make a comment but it's not letting me pass the lesson!


Why isn't this working this is what I have:

< !--I'm making this into a comment. -- > I've done a gap intentionally between the two <>

But leave me visible to the user!

This seems correct?


Syntax for comments:

<!-- Invisible on page, but visible in code! -->

if yours looks like this, but doesn't work, try copying the instructions exactly. If it doesn't work after that, then it's a bug. Try refreshing your page or using a different browser.


I think it's because you can't change the actual text. I tried to change into 'im making this into a comment' - you have to keep the original text.


What @ionakathryn says, you can't alter the text, reset the exercise, and turn the text you are provided with into a comment, don't change it