I'm terrible with syntax


Can anyone tell me what happened??? And maybe explain loops to me better??

 var getToDaChoppa = function(){
  // Write your do/while loop here!
var getToDaChoppa = false;  
do {
    console.log("I'm not gonna " + getToDaChoppa + "!");
}while (getToDaChoppa);


Your loop is fine, but your function is missing its closing curly bracket (}), add it at the end of your code

Well, you create a variable and set it to false:

var getToDaChoppa = false; 

then you have a do while loop. Do ensures the loop will always run, no matter what the condition, then the condition gets checked:

while (getToDaChoppa);

The loop will run as long as the condition is true, but the condition is false, so the loops stop running