I'm stuck on wildcards 4


I'm stuck on wildcards 4, whenever I try to change directories through the command "cd action/" it gives me the text: "bash: cd: action: No such file or directory". Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? (its saying for me to move up one directory by using the command "mv"). :l

I am stuck on Wildcards step 7


If you are at $-prompt
do a pwd ( you will see where you are, in the directory-tree )
then do a ls -al ( all [output-lines] starting with a d are sub-directories )

Want they want achieve.....

cd .. (you go UP in the directory-Tree )

cd directory-name/ ( you DOWN in the directory-Tree ) Only valid conform ls -al

ls -al ../ ( you get the file-pointers of the directory which is above-of the current pwd position )