Im stuck on 1/11 the second question



What do you not understand...


i typed "Hello, I am nano."
and then i have no idea what to do after that and how to clear. i think im suppose to type Ctrl + O
then Ctrl + X and then after that i dont know


after you saved it (ctrl + O) (enter to confirm) and exited (ctrl + X) you need to clear the terminal, guess what the command is? It is: clear, to clear the terminal, you need to type clear, kind of make sense


im sorry i still dont understand what to do


what exactly do i type from the beginning


do i type it in the box they provide because they said to type it at the top of windows i have no idea what that means


Are you talking about typing some content in hello.txt (the text file) or are you talking about how you can save and exit nano (the text editor)?


i just don't understand what the thing is asking me to do. i dont know what to write, where to write it, and how to write it


for number 2. In nano, at the top of the window, type

"Hello, I am nano."
Using the menu at the bottom of the terminal for reference, type Ctrl + O (the letter, not the number) to save the file. This is the letter "O", not the number zero.

Press Enter, when prompted about the filename to write.

Then type Ctrl + X to exit nano.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window. The command prompt should now be at the top of the window.


First you need to understand that the exercise is showing you how to use nano which is a text editor.

First it is asking you to start the nano program and at the same time open a file called hello.txt

nano hello.txt

Then it is asking you to type one line into the hello.txt file:

"Hello, I am nano."

You next task is to save your work by pressing this key combination:

ctrl o

Then you have a chance to confirm the filename.

Your next task is to close nano using

ctrl x

Then your final task it so clear the terminal window using this command:


At what point in that series of steps have we lost you?


i do all that but nothing happens. There's no x There's no check. nothing happens


this is whats there
GNU nano 2.2.6 File: hello.txt Modified

"Hello, I am nano."

File Name to Write: hello.txtclear
^G Get Help M-D DOS Format M-A Append M-B Backup File
^C Cancel M-M Mac Format M-P Prepend


It looks like you have named your text file hello.txtclear.

Using a mac

im pressing enter but nothings happening


oh ok. thank you so much. i got it