I'm stuck here and can't move forward no matter what I do

I’m a learner and I’m stuck here. In the previous lessons, there was an option to show the solution, but it is not in this section and I cannot proceed. I would be very glad if you can help.

Many thanks

Line 7 has an errant attribute. it should be,

src="http://..." target="_blank"
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Also line 8 needs to be placed in the opening tag for your anchor element. This would go on line 5 and it would look like

4 ...
5 <a href="#contact">
6 ...
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thanks for your help, but it still doesn’t let me continue to the next lesson :confused:

Whitespace is largely ignored, but in some cases it is required.

attr1="#" attr2="#"

That space is necessary in order for the parser to identify it.