I'm struggling to understand Node.js


Node.js - Readable Streams

Can someone help me with node.js? Not with the code, but I’m struggling to understand User I/O, Errors, Read and writable streams. I understand the I/O, but as I move on to Errors and Readable streams. I’m getting confused and not understanding. I’ve got CodeCademy Pro, but I’ve been stuck on this for hours.


It’s not just you. The Node lesson seems very incomplete. What I mean by this is that they VERY briefly touch on several topics without really going into a lot of the “how” - for example, after completing the lessons, I couldn’t tell you how to add a click listener to a button or anything. I know it has to do with an EventEmitter and probably the string ‘click’ but that’s really it. I wouldn’t know how to associate that event emitter with any specific part of any kind of application. I have pro as well, and I’m beginning to become skeptical of the value for the cost. I actually recommend that you look for a highly rated Node course on Udemy. They tend to be a good deal more thorough than this was. Or at least this particular section. I’ll reserve judgment on the site as a whole.

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I have the exact same problem with the Node.js lesson. I feel like there is not enough information for someone who is just starting out learning about Node. I don’t even know how to type out the commands correctly. They just give you what to type but when I type it I get errors.
Like this. Told in the project for NOde to type the below out:
To use this service, run the command below:
node message-mixer.js [‘caesar’|‘symbol’|‘reverse’] [amount]

But when I type it I get the following error:
ReferenceError: amount is not defined

Learning to figure out just to type out the commands by myself is a nightmare!

Can you embed your code also so that we can help you…?