I'm starting a chapter for those making a serious career switch - if you know of one please connect me to them

Hi all,

I’m very happy with the Codecademy chapters initiative. As you may already know, this will only work if we “the people” utilize them properly. I have been doing the web-development course for way too long and I would like more structure/ discipline driven by a community of people that are going the same path.
Even with Codecademy making the learning experience so enjoyable, you’ll not always find it convenient to sit in front of your computer and get your 1 hour of coding lessons or so.

I want to form a chapter (or find one if any of you knows of one) that is:

  1. Active, and has a semi-timely structure. I’d hate to turn it into school semesters but I’d love to harness some of the usefulness that came out of that in getting courses done without the negative effects of it.
  2. Goal-oriented. I want to ace front end skills and have a front-end portfolio. I am torn between front-end and full-stack. But at this point I told myself, you’ll go all the way through the front-end path, finish it then worry about anything else. Seeing it all the way through is critical.
  3. Led by not only me but by the other motivated people in it. I know myself, I know I will be lazy one day and not want to do the course, and I want to see that someone is showing up and doing it regardless and pick up the ball if I drop it. This is what teamwork is about, and since we’re all in the same shoes, we all get those days and we need to step up and push others on days when they are a bit weary.
  4. It can be international, and it can be virtual. I really prefer in-person interactions but there are so many challenges against that it is only going to distract us from the main goal.
  5. There will be meetup times where we all virtually meet up, there will be flexibility on meetup times. Nevertheless, there will be a timeline as mentioned in point 1 to keep us on track and accountable.
  6. This will be tricky but there will be significant effort to achieve points 1 and 5 while not making people feel pressured by those moving through chapters faster than them or get a feeling of “I’m way behind, I’m dropping this.” we’ve all been there. And I want to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone in the chapter. I’d love to brainstorm how with anyone like-minded and is in need of such a chapter like myself.

Anyway, I’d like to start such a chapter or know of one that exists.

So, who’s in?


Hi, you’re in luck! Codecademy now has chapters all over the world! Perhaps there is one that you can join? :slight_smile: