I'm sorry but I cannot figure this out. PLEASE HELP!



It says that the code did not run to end

I expected it to make a pig latin

pyg = 'ay'

original = raw_input('Enter a word:')

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
    word = original.lower()
    first = word[0]
    new_word= word+first+pyg
    new_word= [1:len (new_word)]
    print original
    print 'empty'


There is space between len and (new_word)
also make sure what lists youre slicing from
Its new_word


It is still not working


Hey, when we slice something we also put the sliced object before [] operator..

like if x is a list..

x = [1,2,3,4,5]
if I want to slice
I would do this..

x = x[1: 4]


nvm I figured it out


How ? What did you do ? I'm stuck


Post your code so I can help you.


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