I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my code

I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with my code.I did the same thing in Net.Fiddle and on code academy. Net.Fiddle is a separate coding website.

This was the code:

 < Console.WriteLine("Age in dog years");>

< Console.WriteLine(“Enter age”);>

<string age=“age”;>
<age= Console.ReadLine();>

Sorry I can’t get a photo.

On code academy it came up with the words but didn’t let the user type their age. However, on Net.Fiddle it did. For context, this was on the review for “working with numbers” where you can try out your own code. I was coding a program that calculates your age in dog years. I’m not sure if it is a code or website problem. Maybe you can only use specific parts f the code that you learnt in the lesson in the review. Also, if anyone has advice for coding this specific program or using c#, it would help as I am a beginner. Thanks