I'm not sure I am going to get this coding

I am trying to comprehend the instructions on these lessons. I’m feeling like it’s impossible. I am worried I am not cut out to be a coder.

Have you gotten past any intellectual hurtles when it comes to coding? If so how?


I see from one of your previous posts that you are working on learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you’re having some difficulty, and you’re brand new to coding, you might find it helpful to get through this very rudimentary course on coding first. It actually uses JavaScript for many if not all of its examples and exercises (I haven’t taken the course - only peeked at it.).


I have overcome some hurdles with coding. Some concepts just take repeated practice to understand. It never hurts to google a question you have, and read answers from several sources. Frequently that helps me to get a better understanding. Also, posting specific questions on this forum will probably help. There are many of us, who enjoy helping others learn to code. Hang in there! You can do it!


To build on what @midlindner said… one thing I think a lot of people who are new to coding find is that they don’t necessarily understand what they are attempting to do with code before they try and code it. Some people might find they can just jump in, start bashing something out on the keyboard and have the blocks fall into place fairly easily. For others, not so much.

I often find it immensely helpful to take a step back from the keyboard, and work out what I’m trying to do as a list of steps or a diagram. That’s all code is, after all - giving the computer the set of instructions it needs to follow.

If you don’t understand the order you’d do the task as a human or the factors that influence the decision you need to make at a key point in the process, how are you going to convert that understanding of the task into a program/function or that decision into an if...else or other conditional flow structure? :slight_smile:


I do the same when I have a difficult task to code. A few (or possibly many) years ago in high school, I had a class where we learned BASIC programming. The first thing we had to learn was flow-charting. I still use flow charts to get my plan of attack. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I should have been an expert by now. I will keep on trying. It’s going to take serious focus, trial an error, and repetition.

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Can you give some examples of how you work with a flow-chart? I think this would be very helpful for me to start doing .

This is key. I used to work with someone who meticulously wrote out his plans on graph paper. I have tried that but am not that neat and organized. To say the least, it’s a challenge. Time for me to start rewiring those neurotransmitters in my brain and start doing the right thing. Now, where is that graph paper?

This still happens to me every week. Personally i am not a big fan of flow charts. Useally when i make them i get stuck on the exact same items i would get stuck on if i just programmed it. This doesnt mean you shouldn’t do it. I still make them even tho i don’t like them.

There are a few life hacks i use to overcome these issues.

Rubber ducking : Useally when i get stuck on something it is because i am not sure in what i am trying to do. Rubber ducking can help in this as to ask yourself the question: “What is this piece of code supposed to do.”.
It will give you those moments you get when you ask a fellow programmer a question, but while asking you just thought of a sollution.

Pseudocode: This is a way to avoid some of those intellectual hurtles. Just write down everything you can think of without worying about if it works or how it would work. When you are sattisfied and think you covered everything you write it again in real code.
Useally you will get a file that looks like code but can still be read by a non-programmer.

Lastly: Alot of the times its not that i get stuck on a piece of code, but because i always ask myself questions like: “Oh but if i do this i should take that into account. Will it still work ?” i am sometimes longer stuck thinking on code than to actually create it.
A solution to this is to don’t overthink it. The human brain is very bad at compiling code so leave it to the computer and fix error as they come.

There are a few more but these are the main things i keep in the back of my mind if i ever get stuck and i am on a deadline.

Hope it helps.


I’m just getting back to this thread again. Thank you all so much for your help.


Thank you so much for your input.