I'm not learning anything!


I am doing the “Practice Makes Perfect” section of the Python 2 course. I have not been able to do any of the exercises on my own without having to surrender to the solution. I am not learning anything. I am not practicing, I’m just copying. Does anyone here have any advice for me?


Study how you yourself solve those tasks. How do you figure out whether a number is prime? There’ll be some series of steps involved which can be described with loops, numbers etc.


Sorry to hear that greenhornpup! This is my millionth time I’ve tried learning how to code and now it’s finally clicking. What worked for me is writing how I would solve the problem on pen and paper, breaking them down into steps that Python would understand and structure my code around that. Keep at it and it never hurts to go back and try to revisit past lessons too!


Sometimes I don’t understand, and I get the solution too. But after, I look through and see what I did wrong. I normally see then what I did.

I hope this helps =)