I'm not able to write "/" in command line


I'm using a laptop and to write the "/" I need to press "Alt Gr" and then "Q". But that just doesn't work on the terminal.
(and I'm also not able to ctrl + v the "/" sign in the terminal)
here's a picture of my keyboard:


Try Fn + Q


Didn't work :confused:


Did you hold in the fn key and then press q ? (holding in both)


I can right-click to paste.

I also wrote a script just now to do replacements on the command-line when pressing Ctrl-g, it can be used like this:

$ cd _slash_home_slash_ccuser

Pressing Ctrl+g would change that into:

$ cd /home/ccuser

I've added the following replacements:

_slash_      ->  /
_backtick_   ->  `
_at_         ->  @
_backslash_  ->  \
_tilde_      ->  ~
_dollar_     -> $

I'm sure I missed a few. Adding more should be simple enough by editing the script and uploading the new version. The shortcut (ctrl+g) can be changed in the script as well.

All that needs to be done is to download it and run it, with no slashes that's a bit tricky, but if you can type in any of these you're good to go:

# if you can do pipe (|):
printf 'paste.debian.net\057plain\057837817' | xargs curl -o ins; source ins
# if you can do backtick (`)
curl -o ins `printf 'paste.debian.net\057plain\057837817'`; source ins
# if you can do $
curl -o ins $(printf 'paste.debian.net\057plain\057837817'); source ins
# if you can't do backslash:
curl -o ins `python2 -c 'print "paste.debian.net"+chr(47)+"plain"+chr(47)+"837817"'`; source ins
# no backslash, no backtick:
curl -o ins $(python2 -c 'print "paste.debian.net"+chr(47)+"plain"+chr(47)+"837817"'); source ins

The script is here: https://paste.debian.net/plain/837817

The effect only applies to the current terminal session. Making it permanent can be done by adding one of the above lines to .bashrc and/or .bash_input but it would be better to add the script itself, rather than to do a network operation each time a bash session is opened


Thank you SO much! this solved my problem with a "real" terminal, but not with codecademy's terminal (bc when I press CTRL-T, google chrome opens a new tab lol), so I realized I can just open microsoft's virtual keyboard to insert


oh I just realized its CTRL-G, did you changed it or I saw things? btw, this was really helpful.


I DID change it! Realized that Ctrl-t is open-tab on windows/linux.. derp
Could have lots of shortcuts bound to it all at the same time.

Wait, did you actually get that to work? \o/

Oh. Virtual keyboard.. cheating!


Hi all, you can ALSO open Character Map from prompt, just type charmap, select the symbol,copy and paste where you need