I'm new

I’m new and I’m wondering what I should do if I’m new?

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Hey graysonredublado5918
If you are unsure from where to start, you can begin with the sorting quiz: :slight_smile:

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What do I do now? usernamegiapreso.

It says I’m a question asker, Curiosity, communication, and attention to detail are your underlying strengths. You like doing the research and questioning things in order to be the prepared with an answer. You take action by using your insights to formulate a plan, and working with others to see it through. Things you’re into: investigating mysteries, learning constantly, taking a step back, and that “a ha!” moment when you see the big picture.

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I happen to get the same result. :slight_smile:

On the left side of the window however you should have other profiles that could be similar to your likes. You can click on each one of them and read their descriptions too.

On the right side of the window you should have some details on what career path you can follow on codeacademy. If you’re into that, you can start by clicking that link and you’ll be redirected to the homepage of that career path.

It says I’m this Empathy, visualization, anticipation of behavior and communication are your underlying strengths. You like to create maps of processes and imagine where the pain points are. You make a difference by walking in others’ shoes, looking at problems from multiple angles and seeing the long-term consequences of today’s actions. Things you’re into: storytelling, exploring, listening and sharing. and I think it’s true.

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