I'm new

Hi, I’m new here. I"m not sure if I posted this correctly cause I’m new. Can somebody give me a guide on how to use this chat thing?


Hi @script5927218312
Welcome to the forum!
There is a new user guide linked on every page. Have a look at that.
Or do you mean the Discord chat?

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Welcome @script5927218312 !

The forums are a good place to look for guidance on the lessons and also offer help to other learners, as well as, posting projects you have completed and looking for feedback. The Discord chat is another platform available for getting help.

Check them both out and introduce yourself! :wave:


Do you guys have any tutorials on coding things?

Check out :eyes: All Courses & Tutorials | Codecademy

Hi guys, I’m new here. (Nigeria, Africa)
Anyone learning Data Analytics?
so we can partner?

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Hello @kunlebabs , Welcome to the forums! :wave:

There are some great channels on Codecademy Community (discord.com) platform where you can potentially partner with others.

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