I'm new. Recommend what I should learn first

Hi. I’m a copywriter and I wanted to learn coding because I might want to build a website or I think it will be good for my career prospects. But I feel like I’m too dumb to learn coding Can anyone recommend what I should learn first?

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If you want to build a website, HTML (the structure of a webpage) and CSS (the styling and positioning) is where you should start.

The advantage of html & css is that are relatively easy to learn, and you will see quick progress. So that certainly helps :slight_smile:


I will start there then.thanks😀

Also try to think about what kind of website you want to make and why. If this is a website for your business or something personal, it might be faster/easier to simply use the builder provided by website hosts like Squarespace or Wix. Their builders are easy to use, almost like working on a Word document!

You might consider learning WordPress first and messing around with it, then circling back to learn HTML and CSS, then JavaScript if you find you enjoy typing the stuff in.

Another possibility is to play around with Scratch, which will expose you to basic programming concepts before having to worry about learning a new language at the same time.

For a more varied option that leaves your choices open I would dig in deep to a language like Python or C++. Once you know one language it is much easier to learn others. For websites I would recommend JavaScript and maybe Python after. I see you have gotten some good advice too :slight_smile: