I'm looking for a coding partner to code an app!


My name is Sofie, me and my friend (she is an incredible UX/UI Designer!) are looking for a partner to come join our project. We are already working full-time at a company in Stockholm and we are running this project aside of it because we love it (!!!).

We are foodies and we love to dine-out and try new restaurants and this is a big part of why we started the project at the first place - to build an app. Unfortunately we lack knowledge in coding and this is why we are looking for our partner - this might be a great forum to find our match - you tell me! Our goal is to find someone to get onboard this project and be the third player in our team and start-up, and hopefully you like food as much as we do.

UX is done, we are fine tuning the UI and business model is work in progress as we want our third player to have a say before we set it in stone.

If this sounds interesting to you, please drop a note/message and we’d love to tell you more.

Opportunities like this doesn’t grow on trees, you know :wink:


Here’s a link to the discord server. Ask around there!