I'm limited to just up to 20 hours a week on screens. What are the most productive ways I can spend my non-screen time?

Please bear with me as this is quite a long post.
I’m 22 now, from India. I dropped out of high school despite being a straight-A student.

I’m not in a position to spend more than 2-3 hours a day on any screen due to various reasons. Because of this, I assume that I can only code for 2-3 hours in a day. I also have some mental issues which means I’m not good at communicating with clients (for freelancing) or a boss (for a 9-5), not even screen chats. Also I can’t work on any deadlines too, so I want to do something of my own, maybe like starting a blog about coding, making my own websites and monetizing them or something, I’m not sure. I know that it’ll take a few years to become an expert coder with my constraints.

I don’t have any interest in anything and even if I do get interested, it’s just fleeting, so I just want to do things which would at least make me money.

I was thinking of reading physical books on marketing, business, SEO, magazines related to coding etc in my non-screen time which would also help me in my “side hustle” for lack of a better word. Can you guys recommend some of these books/magazines for me? Do you guys have any more ideas for me to spend my screen-free time productively?

I’ve gone to many psychologists, been counseled by many people, seen a psychiatrist, nothing works, and worse than that, talking to them makes my condition even worse, so please don’t say “Just take treatment” or something like that.

So yeah, thank you for reading this and please answer my questions about the marketing/business/SEO books, magazines about some of these topics (including coding). Also, if you have any other ideas for me to spend my free time productively (which will help me make money despite my limitations), do reply to this.

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Hey, welcome back to the forums.

I don’t know if it’s of any interest, but it does kinda straddle both the coding-related and non-screen-time areas - have you considered maybe dabbling with something like Arduino / RaspberryPi? (Assuming you can get your hands on them, I know the RPi is being hit like most things right now with component shortages.)

There are books of beginner projects - like these ones for Arduino - so you’re not entirely screen-based.

As for the making money aspect… I can’t say that my suggestion would have immediate earning potential, but I guess you could always document the things you did as you went along and see if that generates any traction?

Just a thought, hope it’s been of some use. :slight_smile: