I'm in the Python Syntax in the math portion and i need help with the last step which is step 5


I'm in the math portion step 5 and it says print count_to i did my addition, subtraction, multiply, and division and when i tried submitting it i couldnt because i need to do step 5 but i dont know how. Again im new at this. its for a final and ive been using youtube.


So what is the last step? Or are we too late?


Well you can share your code here and Good champs always welling to help :slight_smile:
p.s Welcome to codecademy.Youtube is good but most of the stuff on it are either outdated , not properly explained, practicing is different. If you are a beginner to intermediate like myself stick to codecademy and practice with yourself. Make good use of the extra reading material Some of them are really helpful. Try other websites that teach by practicing. If you have the money I heard good stuff about upgrading and projects. Unfortunately I am poor :smiley:


Thanks for your replay You advice for "Make good use of the extra reading material Some of them are really helpful." Personally didn't believe that reading material will be so necessary for understanding what i'm practicing. Now i'm looking for extra material can you advice some of them Like a program dictionary and understanding the basic of this language ? by the way i'm poor too :wink:so if you know some legal good stuff Thanks!