I'm having trouble with do / while loops


Hey I've been really stumped by this problem I would really appreciate it if someone could help me by explaining what I'm doing wrong here.

So here is the code for a while loop (I made very basic loops for this because I wanted to keep it as simple as possible)

var num = 5;

while (num < 10){

this code will run will no problem and will print out the numbers 5 to 9 (I don't have problems with the while loops on their own (as far as i am aware lol), just when it is do/while).
That being said here is the code for my do/while.

var num = 5

do {
} while (num < 10){

As you can see it is nearly identical to the one above but this will not work. It keeps making an infinite loop. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't see what.

please help me? :pray:

also please have a look at this next bit of code.
do {
} while (false){

It prints out "test" and "random". Again I think i must have misunderstood something because as far as I'm aware it should not do anything in the 'while' if the condition is false.

Many thanks in advance


The problem is that you tried something that I'd like to call do while/while loop which does not exist.

The syntax of a do while loop is like this:


so it you run into problems when you try to append the crucial parts of your loop in {} after while. Because these parts are only executed after the loop is done. Also have a look at the other posts there for more information about loops and some examples on how they can be used and when a specific kind of loop should be used.