Im having a problem on lesson 11/23


It keeps saying Oops, try again. Did you create at least one HTML element with the class 'fancy'? I'm pretty sure its done right.

font-family: Fancy;
font-family: Cursive;
font-family: Cursive;


Try using the lowercase written fancy as the Oops-message is indicating.

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Can we see your html code? The error indicate you didn't create a html element with class fancy. Here is a image on how to make your code visible on the forum:

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You're missing a semi-colon at the end of your font color.

color: #0000CD <- Semi colon here

Hope I helped.


Doesn't matter, last property + value of a css selector doesn't necessarily needs a semi-colon, plus the missing semi-colon shouldn't create the error it did if it was the missing semi-colon


Even if it didn't create the error it's still good practice to end all CSS properties and values with a semi-colon, but if i remember correctly it can affect the styling of the page if you miss a semi-colon somewhere in the CSS.


I couldn't agree more, but i wouldn't conclude from initial answer. But you are right, it would be good practice to put the semi-colon there.


Yes, @addsy32 should post their html code, as it seems as if the problem would be coming from the class "fancy".


Yes, he should post his html code, the error indicates there is something wrong with his html code, what do you think of the image i "made" on how to post code?


That picture was brilliantly well done @stetim94! I wish I had had that picture when I learned CSS and HTML.

<!--Add your HTML elements with the class "fancy" below!-->
<div class="fancy"></div>
<img class="fancy"/>
<td class="fancy"></td>

This is my HTML element, basically just a copy of the example, I set all the classes to fancy. This may be why you're not getting past. I had the problem as well, then remembered I hadn't edited the HTML index yet.


font-family: Fancy;

Your font-family shouldn't "Fansy;" As per exercise it should be " cursive ".