I'm getting the error 'express module not found' even though I am installing the dependencies acc. to the instructions

Hello! I am on step 6 of this exercise and I cannot get the express server to start running. Though I have run the commands “npm install” and “npm install express” I am still getting this error:

Error: Cannot find module 'express'

We likely need more info to assist you.

Thanks for responding! I’m not sure what else to share. I am following the instructions in the exercise. I am doing exactly what it suggests up to that point. Is there anything else that I should share?

What does your code look like? What are you doing the moment immediately preceding the error? Basically, you’re telling us you have an error, but you’re not letting us see what you’re working with. Analogistically, it would be like telling someone you’re having troubles hanging a picture without telling them what tools you’re using, what kind of wall you have, letting them watch you try, etc.