I'm following this Python video but can't run pipenv --three

Hi guys,

I’m learning Python and following this youtube video to learn about pipenv

but for some reason I can’t use pipenv --three in my VSCODE as it always shows Error: No such option

Anyone can help?

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I’m having the same problem. This just worked for me:
pipenv --python 3


I just visited Basic Usage of Pipenv — pipenv 2020.6.2.dev0 documentation

it seems like the command is now
pipenv install --three

There is no version “three” of Python.

Which is noted by the error message, Error: No such option

When creating an environment, you can choose what version of Python3 you want to install–3.7, 3.10, etc. etc. (whatever version based on your needs for different projects).


I ran into the same problem, which is curious because the same command worked for the tutor in the video.
Use pipenv python (python version) e.g
pipenv python 3.11 and voila!