Im following the instructions and im still getting SyntaxError


bool_one = (True or False) False or not True and True

bool_two = True or False False and not True or True

bool_three = True or False True and not (False or False)

bool_four = True or False not not True or False and not True

bool_five = True or False False or not (True and True)

Am i missing something? or do i need to put a parentheses somewhere?


Can you give a link to which part of the course this is. Also, having a two Boolean data types next to each other without an operator will throw an error(for example True True, you need a 'not', 'and', or 'or' in between).


What excercise are you on?



The name of my topic for this exercise is "This and That (or This, But Not That!)"


What they want you to do here is to evaluate the expression and assign the variables(bool_one through bool_five) with either a True or False(only one).Don't forget the order of operations(not, and, or) and that parentheses get evaluated as its own unit.


ohh i get it now Thank You


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