I'm confused


It says i need to Use console.log to print out the first three letters of "myCountry" and you would do that like this: console.log("myCountry".substring (0,3));
But in the instructions it says that "myCountry" should have a string value
So how would you print out the first three letters with the string value?????


Your problem here is that remember substring starts with index 0. So if he says print the first three letters its from 0 to 2. So

console.log("myCountry".substring (0,2));

But im not sure if im right, what lesson number is this?


I'm on "More Variable Practice"
It says i need to have "myCountry" as a string value
but it also say i need to print out the fitst 3 letters.


Yea forget about what i said in post 1. thing i have to add is that you have to set the variable myCountry to something. Like this:

var myCountry= "Something"

And you just print out the first three letters, plus print the length of the variable like this:



thank you it works i get it now


Your problem is your determination whether to start at 1 or to start at 0
that's just a logical misconception. The only way to decide is to do more practices
.For example i finished the JavaScript courses in 5 hours ,now i'm doing all again.Overall your only hope of being a skilled coder (this refers to everyone) is to do revision